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Outbound CX Services

At ealytics, we recognize the vital role outstanding customer experiences play in the success of your business. By utilizing our cutting-edge contact and call center outsourcing services, we empower organizations to build enduring customer connections while lowering operational expenses. Our proficient agents, stationed in Kosovo, provide first-rate outbound CX services customized to meet your specific requirements.

Lead Generation

  • Targeted customer list development

  • Customized Sales Scripts and Pitches

  • Appointment setting with potential customers

Customer Retention

  • Win-back campaigns for lost or inactive customers

  • Personalized communication and follow-ups

  • Promotional offers and loyalty programs

Event Promotion & Registration

  • Targeted event marketing campaigns

  • Registration and attendee management

  • Post-event follow-ups and feedback collection


  • Product promotion and sales campaigns

  • Market research and customer feedback collection

  • Up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

Customer Survey & Satisfaction

  • Comprehensive customer satisfaction assessments

  • Detailed survey design and execution

  • In-depth analysis and actionable insights

Post-Purchase Support & Follow-Up

  • Proactive communication after product/service delivery

  • Gathering customer feedback

  • Addressing potential concerns and ensuring customer satisfaction

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