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Our Value-Add to your Business

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

With the consistent increase in data collection over the past twenty years, there has been a consistent increase in analytics tools to analyze large datasets and derive actionable, meaningful insights. However, in many of those ecosystems there has been a demand for those analytics tools, but not necessarily reasonable supply of talent on the integration and implementation side. As such, third party consulting companies have been entering such markets by recruiting knowledgeable employees and hiring/training their employees on the platforms and BI tools available in the market and already in high demand. As such, their business model relied on providing implementation service to enterprise clients. In order to perform service quality control, most of these companies are located in developed countries where the cost structure incurred by these companies is relatively reasonable for large enterprise organizations.

However, smaller enterprises and businesses with a relatively tight budget looking to avoid spending on such platforms are at crossroads: incurring such spending might exceed the planned budget, but not spending might cause a strategic disadvantage of not adopting and utilizing such tools. We believe these enterprise businesses, if given the opportunity, would want to reduce their payroll cost structure by having a significant portion of the project to be contracted or outsourced.

Hence, there is a unique advantage for high-quality professionals in developing countries to consolidate and offer their services to developed countries based on the geographies where they see the competitive advantage. We believe that this trend is going to continue, where there will be an emergence of smaller consulting agencies designed to take advantage of these cost-arbitrage opportunities. We are one of those smaller consulting agencies, assembling high quality local teams by recruiting top performers from our local talent pool.

The embedded benefits in such an approach are the following:

1. Cost-Arbitrage: By utilizing the workforce pay discrepancies between developed countries and Kosovo, ealytics will be able to provide significantly less cost-intensive services compared to similar services offered by companies in developed countries; This would allow clients to deploy the surplus savings in other areas of the business.

2. Hands-off Management: No need to allocate (and/or hire) human resources that will manage the project. We take a proactive approach in projects, and depending on the client goals, reach out dependent on needed input from the project stakeholders is required on the desired results.

3. Expertise: We hire top-tier talent and ensure they all vetted and experienced in the services we perform. This in turn eliminates any uncertainty risk for the client if they were to perform hiring for the same project to be completed internally.

4. Flexibility: Working on a project basis allows for our clients to effectively allocate a budget for a given project. Once the project is complete and payment is received, our clients do not have any other financial obligations, unless they are interested in hiring us for maintenance or collaborations on a new project. This allows for not only better cost-management for a given project, but also higher productivity in terms of unit of time spent on a project.

Hence, the fundamental mission of ealytics is to create a center of knowledge and expertise for our highly controlled quality of service offerings to the point where it is more beneficial for consultancies and enterprise companies to collaborate with us as opposed to build said services in-house at their geographical location.

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